RIKEN Science Seminar VII in Kobe

On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, the RIKEN Science Seminar VII, an outreach event organized by RIKEN, took place at the Kobe International House. Hana-san, our featured guest, Kawai-san of RIKEN HQ, and I (Takemasa Miyoshi) enjoyed talking in front of more than 100 audiences about our cutting-edge research on future weather forecasting. Hana-san was keen to learn how the current weather forecasting works, and whether or not we can have 100% accurate forecasts in the future. I showed weather charts of the day and demonstrated how to read them to understand the tomorrow's weather forecast. Also, I talked about how we obtain these weather charts in real time, and what we could do in the future with more powerful computers and more advanced weather observing instruments. I hope that we could convey our scientific excitement to the enthusiastic audiences. Thank you very much for those who joined the enjoyable event, and the staff who kindly helped organize.