Thank you, wonderful visitors!

On Monday, February 25, the day before the Data Assimilation Workshop, four visitors visited my lab. Professor Eugenia Kalnay (third from left) is my former adviser and came a long way from the East Coast of the US. Professor Shu-Chih Yang (third from right) is my former classmate and one of my best friends, coming from Taiwan. Dr. Ji-Sun Kang (second from right) was a colleague until last December in Maryland but moved to Korea recently. Guo-Yuan Lien (left) is a student in Maryland. We enjoyed seeing each other and had fruitful scientific discussions. All four visitors attended the Data Assimilation Workshop, and Eugenia and Guo-Yuan attended the AICS symposium on Thursday and Friday, and spent the whole week. I am very grateful to the four wonderful visitors and hope they enjoyed their stay in Kobe.