Professor Takeshi Enomoto (Kyoto U) visited UMD and NCEP

On Monday, March 12, Professor Takeshi Enomoto from the Kyoto University visited College Park and gave a talk about the OREDA project (Observing System Research and Ensemble Data Assimilation Development Research) at our regular Weather-Chaos meeting. Professor Enomoto is my long-time collaborator since 2005 when we started applying the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (LETKF) to the Earth Simulator Global Model known as AFES (Atmospheric General Circulation Model for the Earth Simulator). He presented the revised version of AFES-LETKF Experimental Reanalysis (ALERA2) and showed the most recent results of global coupled ocean-atmosphere data assimilation using the LETKF.

On Tuesday, March 13, Professor Enomoto visited the NCEP in Camp Springs, and gave another talk about a completely different topic on his work on dynamical core developments. He talked about approaches to reduce numerical errors without much increase of computational time. The wide range of topics that he covered really impressed me.

On Wednesday, March 14, Professor Enomoto spent a whole day in College Park again, mainly meeting with our postdocs and students to discuss about research ideas. His 3-day visit to Maryland was very fruitful and constructive to us, and hopefully to him, too. I feel very lucky to have this close and long-time collaboration with him.